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All information presented below (text, banners, video) may be used freely, without Bee Breeders' written permission, by any media, but only for purposes relating to the Pape Nature Park Gateway competition.

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Bee Breeders is collaborating with “Pasaules Dabas Fonds”, the official WWF associate partner in Latvia for the second in a series of competitions based in the Pape Nature Park.

The Pape Nature Park plays a key role in the protection of a multitude of plant, bird, and animal species, even going so far as to reintroducing species that had previously been native to the area and helping them to thrive again.

The second architecture competition is tasking participants with redesigning the entrance to the park; making it both enticing and functional to visitors to the park. For the Pape Nature Park Gateway participants will need to include several key features, such as picnic and camping grounds, while making the gateway iconic and an integral part of the park’s image.

The competition is now open until April 18, 2018 with all winning designs being put forward for consideration for construction, as well as sharing a total prize fund of US $6,000.

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